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If you want something other than described below, such as specially written content for your site or blog, please contact us. If you just want a glossary for your site keep reading through the three options below.

Pop-up explanations

Would you like to have a glossary for finance and investment terms used on your website or blog? There are two ways Moneyterms can help you that need almost no work on your part.

The first is to add the pop-up financial glossary tag to your site's design. If you can edit your site's HTML templates this requires only a simple copy and paste.

The disadvantage, for some sites, of the Javascript tag is that it requires you to link to Moneyterms each time you use a glossary term: it is this link that is transformed into the pop-up definition (see the demo).

Effortlessly add a financial glossary to your site

If you do not want to link to Moneyterms every time you use the glossary, then you can, very easily put the glossary on your own site. The rest of your site links only to the glossary, and the glossary links to Moneyterms. If you use Javascript pop-ups they should still show a direct link to Moneyterms, but these are not visible to search engines.

If you want this option contact us and we will send you a instructions. Typically, we will send you some files to upload to your server. We cannot guarantee that this option will be available for all sites, but it should be possible for most sites based on common CMS's (such as Wordpres of Joomla) or languages (PHP, Python, etc.). Even if we cannot support your site right now, we will let you know as soon as we can, so please contact us and tell us what you need.

A flexible glossary API

If you want to develop your own solution, please use our API. It is used by our solutions above, and offers simple and flexible access to the content you need you need for a glossary.

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