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This demonstrates the simplest approach

You have links to definitions, such as balance sheet or PE ratio. When you move your mouse over the words, the short definitions pop-up, with a link to the complete definition. Try those now. All you need do is to copy and paste the following into your site template:

Paste this just before the <body> tag. Clicking on the box above will select the text you need, so you only need to copy.

The main limitation of this is that it requires that you link directly to Moneyterms. If you want to link to a copy of the glossary on your own site, then we suggest you use the API to fetch a copy for your own site, and adjust the Javascript to pick up links to that. Please ask for help if you need it.


  1. The simplest change is to replace the word "centre" above with "left" or "right" to control how the bubble is positioned relative to the word it defines. You can also replace "above" with "below". Pick a position that will not place the bubble off the screen! On this page we used "right".
  2. You can customise the look of the bubbles by using your own CSS. Assuming you know CSS, then this is straightforward. Instructions here.
  3. The next step up in sophistication is to use a customised Javascript.
  4. The most sophisticated approach is to use the API to copy the glossary to your site. This opens up a lot of possibilities.

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