Privacy policy

By using this site you agree to the collection of information, and the storage of information in your web browser, as described below.

This website ( does not collect any personally identifiable information.

It does record information that is not personally identifiable including your IP address, date and time of your visit, pages viewed and the referring site, and other information related to your use of the site.

Your IP address may be used to identify you if correlated with data held by your Internet service provider (ISP) and in some other circumstances. We will not do this, but we may be legally compelled to provider this information to others (such as police and other government agencies) who will. Please note your ISP can also obtain the data we record (and, unlike us, for all websites you visit), and in many countries (including the EU) is required to retain it.

Money Terms does use external statistics, advertising and other services. All have privacy polices we regard as reasonable:

  • Statcounter: privacy policy available here (N.B. some items, such as privacy of email addresses, are only applicable to Statcounter clients such as this site, not visitors).
  • Google: privacy policy

In addition, Google sometimes serve ads from other ad networks on this site. Although these are only a minority of the ads and do not affect most visitors, it does mean that the suppliers of these ads are likely to track the use of this site by those people who do see such ads.The full list of these suppliers is available here.

Google and other advertisers may use cookie tracking to track what sites and page you visit, and use this information to show you ads that match your interests. You can opt out of this for Google and many other networks (but not all): you need to visit their sites (you can see a list through the link in the previous paragraph) and find the option there.

Moneyterms uses cookies only to adjust content (what ads you see) to visitors from different sources. These cookies contain no personally identifiable information and will be deleted when you close your web browsers. The only information stored will be common to all visitors from the same source.

Web statistics services and advertising services on this site also cookies. These third party cookies are set when their content is included on our pages. They may use web beacons (invisible images and other content that is included only to facilitate tracking users) and other methods of tracking users. This data may be correlated with any personal data you have, directly or indirectly, provided to them.

We do not take any responsibility for the privacy policies of third parties, or for breaches of such policies.

Advice on privacy

The rest of this page does not constitute part of our privacy policy, and is advice provided merely as a service to users

Please note that most web browsers allow you to block cookies, delete existing cookies or automatically delete all cookies when you close the browser. Some offer more extensive functionality, such as only allowing certain sites to set cookies. The third party content described above is served by their sites. Many web browsers will allow you to set different permissions for each site, disallow third party cookies, or otherwise exercise finer control over cookies than simple blocking.

We advise blocking third party cookies (which enable tracking across sites) without interfering with functionality provided by sites such as persistent logins. You may also need to change privacy settings in Flash, which sets its own cookies, separate from those of the browser. Flash can also allow websites to access your microphone and web cam.