A buy-in management buy-out is a compromise between a MBO and a MBI. The existing management are largely retained, joined by some key new managers, and both take an equity interest in the company, usually with private equity funding.


  • retains continuity of management (like an MBO),
  • brings in new management who may be better placed to raise funding (like and MBI),
  • causes some uncertainty and disruption to management (but less than an MBO would),
  • may improve the quality of management (like an MBI),
  • is less risky than an MBI.

This does not necessarily mean that a BIMBO will always be preferable to a MBO or a MBI. For example, if the existing management are able to raise enough funding to match other likely offers, then and MBO would be more straightforward. On the other hand, if a complete change of management is needed, then an MBI would be preferable.

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