FTSE is a publisher of indices and the name of the family of indices it publishes.

The most widely followed of these indices is the FTSE 100, often referred to simply as "the Footsie".

FTSE, the company, is a joint venture between the Financial Times and the London Stock Exchange. The name was originally an abbreviation of Financial Times Stock Exchange Index.

The most important FTSE indices and their constituents are:

  • FTSE 100: The 100 largest UK listed companies, covering about 80% of UK market cap
  • FTSE 250: The next 250 largest companies
  • FTSE 350: A combination of the above two: about 90% of total UK market cap
  • Some small cap indices
  • FTSE Techmark indices: three indices that cover London listed technology companies.
  • FTSE Eurotrack: a family of indices at cover European markets as a whole.

There are many more FTSE indices available covering different regions, sectors, investment styles and ethical investment requirements.

FTSE indices are market cap weighted, with an additional adjustment for the availability of shares to investors (based on free float).

To keep the indices meaningful, adjustments are made when necessary. For example, when companies issue new shares and when companies are added to or deleted from an index.More information can be found on the FTSE web site.

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